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Dr Bond has helped me so much in the last 2 months. my life has changed because of her! most of the Dr’s that are in the cannabis industry are pain management Dr’s, which is fine, but Dr Bond is a neurology specialist, which to me makes way more sense when prescribing cannabis, which is a medication that directly effects the brain among other things, but it just seems to me that a medical marijuana Dr should have knowledge in Neurology. She is not only a wonderful Dr, but she really cares about her patients! She has gone out of her way to help me with some of my medical issues. I consider her a dear friend and I love Dr Bond and Neurology Relief! Thank you from the bottom of my heart guys!



Thank you Dr. Bond! You made this so easy and so comfortable.



Just finished with my appointment and I’m relieved! I was greeted with Tammy’s beautiful smile, filled out some paperwork and was in to speak with Dr. Wendy, promptly!! She was extremely thorough with me and answered ALL of my questions, with a smile. She puts you at ease INSTANTLY and is extremely knowledgeable, beyond everything you’ve ever known about your physical and neurological health. I have struggled for decades with pain and sadly adjusted to dealing with it as “par for the course”. I left feeling relieved and excited that I have her as my physician and in my corner. I highly recommend her for knowledge, treatment and relief!! A million thumbs up!